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At Otto Aesthetics + Consulting we have procured the best in class medical devices. As a boutique firm, we have done the research for you, and vetted each device. We stand behind our values, and strive to represent and offer the gold standard in devices for microneedling, PRP, acoustic wave, aesthetic cryotherapy, professional skincare support products and regenerative supplements.

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The Most Advanced FDA Cleared Microneedling Pen.

The Rejuvapen NXT®  system utilizes market leading torque, the most speeds available, smart touch digital interface and ISO tips with an array of stainless steel needle cartridges. This innovative new technology can help improve your appearance with little recovery time.


As a result, the Rejuvapen NXT®  is a perfect noninvasive yet highly effective collagen induction procedure that delivers exceptional results.

Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube

An Exciting Advancement in Regenerative Medicine. Introtroducing Kimera Exosomes®

"Using advanced, proprietary, exosome isolation technology, Kimera produces the highest-purity MSC exosomes at scale to enable clinical development of novel, exosome-based, therapeutic modalities. By harvesting, isolating and purifying the developmental message contained within exosomes produced by perinatal mesenchymal stem cells, we believe further study will demonstrate that it is possible to stimulate healing processes and tissue regeneration that can benefit patients of any age."


The Most Efficacious PRP System Available. Clinical Grade PRP.

The Purespin PRP®  system delivers the highest amount of viable platelets ON THE MARKET
in three easy steps. 

Deliverable platelets are the actual volume of viable platelets contained in a PRP sample.
Purespin PRP® provides upwards of 9.5 billion platelets in a 7 mL Purespin PRP® treatment sample. 

-78ºC Cryogen Safely Delivered with Precision

FROZEN C is a technological breakthrough. It safely delivers the COLDEST, concentrated cryogen (-78º Celsius). Unlike any other cryogenic system, FROZEN C delivers medically therapeutic levels of extreme cold, comfortably.


Clinically proven to trigger the body's instinctual responses to extreme cold, the Bohr's Effect & Hunting Response, to produce outstanding reactions and effects desired from cryotherapy for decades.


 The Only Dual Functioning Acoustic Wave Therapeutic Device

The state of the art interface is designed to easily navigate between protocols, modalities, frequency, and energy settings while choosing the appropriate technological mode for therapeutic treatments. 


It's revolutionary design allows you to experience both Electromagnetic and Pneumatic driven extracorporeal shockwave technologies integrated within the first dual functioning acoustic wave therapeutic device. 


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